JITROIS Spring/summer 23 collection I digital live show

Jitrois Spring Summer 2023 collection
« Control+Alter+Ego, reset yourself »

Creative direction : Jean-Claude Jitrois
As the global rhythm of sociality begins to beat more melodically, Jean-Claude Jitrois
reflects with enthusiasm on the therapeutic powers found in the art of dressing up. In
doing so he propels us towards a more idealised version of ourselves, abstract perhaps
but forever real.

Style : Jay Wilson, Tristan Van Bruwaene, Emilie Griere, Mylene Colona

Film direction : Céline Rey
Dop / lighting : Elisa Petersen
Sound design : Scratcha DVA (featuring Calista Kazuko)
Calista Kazuko & Scratcha DVA – Drmsix
Scratcha DVA – Hardbody 999
Calista Kazuko – Poison (DVA Hi:Emotions Remix) – iChi Ni Records

Hair & make-up : Violette LHT

Models : Heloise Giraud, Masha Voronina, Sofia Silvanas, Charles Leto, May Dillion, Oscar Delmas

Sunglasses : Polette Eyewear

Jewellery : Marc Deloche

Shoes : T.U.K. Footwear

Photography : Franck Disegni, Laurent Disegni,
Eshop studio


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