JENN LEE 21FW- Love Planet VR360- London Fashion Week

1. 請將畫質調高至2160,以取得最佳畫面清晰度。
2. 若有VR頭盔或Google Cardboard,建議務必佩戴使用,將有身歷其境的非凡體驗。

1. As the content was rendered with 3D stereoscopic with 8K resolution, it is suggested to view it with 3D VR headset for the best experience.

2. In case you don’t have the headset, you can still experience it using Google Cardboard, with a down-graded quality.

JENN LEE 21FW探索內心世界,忘卻物質的渴求,回歸精神的平衡與根本。


由於全球疫情蔓延,JENN LEE 21FW以VR360沈浸式虛擬世界的新科技展出,時尚跨界新科技。以東方哲學思想「宇宙恆變」、「自然融合」與「活在當下」的創作概念,創造「變」與「流動」的視覺。

與兩度獲得亞洲最指標的電影獎項「金馬獎」的電影特效團隊「再現影像」,以及創媒空間國際有限公司主理人李奕慶擔任創意指導合作人林合一「LOVE PLANET VR360」虛擬新星球。


Inspired and drawn from an Eastern philosophy “The universe is in eternal change”; highlighting the fact that we must live for the moment and embrace living in harmony with the substance of everything that exists. The VR showcase aims to bring together visually, the ideas of transformation and dissipation.

A chaotic VR world is juxtaposed with real characters from our everyday life. Jenn Lee and Golden Horse Award winning film company Renovatio Pictures, Inc. set about to invite a group of Taiwanese celebrities, actors, musicians, influencers, make-up artists and designers to participate in seeking Utopia via Virtual Reality.

李維錚 Wei Chen Lee
劉芸庭 Liu Yun Ting
吳霈萱 Wu Pei Xuan
毛紫函 Mao Tzu Han
賴映宇 Lai Ying Yu
葉祐誠 Yeh Yu Cheng
楊嘉靜 Yang Chia Ching
江聿涵 Jiang Yu Han
范棠棋 Fan Tang Chi
楊紫廷 Yang Tzu Ting
呂緣生 Lui Yuen Seng

Producer/ Photographer
費俊偉 Dennis Fei

視覺特效製作 再現影像製作股份有限公司
Visual Effects By Renovatio Pictures

視覺特效總監 郭憲聰
Visual Effects Supervisor Tomi Kuo

特效製片 黃棨雋
VFX Producer Peter Huang

技術總監 范屹閔
Pipeline Technical Director Willy Fan

CG 總監 陳昭詠
CG Supervisor Chen Chao Yung

特效協調 陳姵均
VFX Coordinators Hulk Chen

合成組長 謝欣霏
Composition Lead Faye Hsieh

資深合成師 徐佳佑
Senior Compositor Shu Chia Yu

CG 數位視覺設計師 吳怡萱
CG Digital Artists Ella Wu

概念美術設計師 吳怡萱
Concept Deisgn Artist Ella Wu

特效協力 張泰軒
VFX Associate Ted Chang

行政企劃 黃千真
Administration Angel Huang

Creative Director
李奕慶 Kris Lee

Citizens of Love Planet
高捷 Jack Kao
高愛 Maggie Kao
阿夜 Marz23
百勒絲 Fairy Pai
郝雲娟 Hao Yun Juan
Yolanda Milan
張維宸 Way Mask
祁麟 Cone
程琪 Kare Chen
傅昱 Fu Yu
陳映如 In Ru Chen
張迎盈 Asa
張允信 Forrest Chang
張彤宇 Claire Chang
費俊偉 Dennis Fei
李維錚 Wei Chen Lee
臭咪 Stinky Mimimi

Gentle Monster
KCC 墾青集團

Cloudy Ku — Hermitage Bliss
Written by Cloudy Ku 庫巧兔

Tim Whitten

Lawrence English

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