IA London Women’s Fall 2021 Hourglass (Trilogy) | Fashion Film

IA London’s Fall 2021 presentation for London Fashion Week February 2021.

The pandemic made us reconsider the crucial things in life and what we choose to spend our time on. IA London’s Fall 2021 “Hourglass” sharpens this reconsideration by limiting the time to “as long as the Hourglass is ticking”. The narrative, divided into three episodes, presented and filmed through the perspective of Ira Iceberg, IA London’s founder and designer, whose family was affected by COVID-19, increasing the designer’s own feeling of impermanence.

IA LONDON is an award-winning Avantgarde label founded in 2017.
​The brand designs and manufacturers sustainable and ethically-made womenswear with a strong artistic identity.
IA LONDON collections are entirely manufactured in England. The brand was founded by Cambridge-based award-winning designer Ira Iceberg. Although not formally trained as a fashion designer, Ira did study fine art and printmaking.
​IA London creative vision focuses on progressive design and aesthetics that challenge conventional notions of form, beauty and function.



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