Hukspidey – Purpose (Official music video)

Official lyrics:

You make me feel when I breathe out my nose I have a purpose, I hit a girl up they just wanna fuck that is worthless to me and, we hit the beach back to back to back it was too perfect. Then we’d hit your crib kiss and fall asleep to the divergent series eh.

I hate but love it so much that u stay in my memory, it’s like you doing your own thing but u still here with me, that’s right. Touch you then look up thank God he created a masterpiece, how high. You bring my spirit up will always be a mystery.

Lookin’ out the window countin’ each and every star, ohh you of all people messed around and ran with my heart, we were in the bathroom takin’ things a little too far, but when I’m with you time stops I was just playin’ my part.

You know and I know that you should be kickin’ with me, ooo I know I’m not trippin’ when I see you in my dreams. It’s like, I get a vision with you laying next to me, I get in my head it’s been months and you just ain’t texting me, do you not fuck with me no more, I’d give out my heart on your front door, we were making love to love galore, ended up being late, we had so much planned that day, wish that we could go back to the days for love’s sake, but we can’t that’s why I’m reaching out to you, do you realize that you can reach out to me? Do you realize I met you when I was 15? (Do you realize, I was 15)

Your eyes look better than any sunset that I’ve seen, tonight is the perfect time for you to get in touch with me, blue skies are the only sky I see when you’re posted with me, feels right every time i get closer you got me yelling, please.

Am I just getting outta my head? Better get back up into my bed, you should be with me instead, you already know we can both break up the bread.

Ain’t care if it was wrong it feels right, conversions on the phone late night, throwing on makeup tryna get your face right, you ain’t need that shit u got your face right. (Right)


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