Hiatus Kaiyote – ‘Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai)’ [Official Video]

Surface will it suffice, the clay grows dry, but you keep your borders guarded,
and the heights of which you own, feed me rhinestones, bowing into the void

A way to get sun when your heart’s not open
A way to get sun when your heart’s not open

Ghost, hidden eggshell, no rebel yell, comfort in vacant waters
And I awake, purging of fear, a task that you wear, dormant valiance it falls

A way to get sun when your heart’s not open
A way to get sun when your heart’s not open

I wanna like what you do
I wanna like what you do

A way to get sun when your heart’s not open
A way to get sun

Taken from the album ‘Mood Valiant’, released 25 June on Brainfeeder: https://hiatuskaiyote.lnk.to/moodYo
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Director – Grey Ghost (Jeremy Koren)
Concept – Hiatus Kaiyote and Grey Ghost
Producer – Ghostie Studios & Leah Oborn
DOP – Sherwin Akbarzadeh

Editor – Rachael Harding
VFX – Dave Abbott
Colourist – Daniel Stonehouse for Crayon

Art Director – José Pincheira
Spaceship, aliens & bird build: Marisa Matear and Matt Kelly
Set dressing, Moth Man, TV, model car, RatBag™ font – Nai Palm
Rock Rocket build – Amie Turnbull
Moon build – Mishka Beckmann
Jumpsuits – Milda Woods

1st AD – Giordi Caputo
1st AC – Nick Forster
2nd AC – Tom Hayes
Gaffer – James Thompson
Best Person – Akash Vijayakumar
Best Person #2 – Lawrence McCrabb
Best person #3 – Jack Donald-McDowall

Art Dept #1 – Steven Curry –
Art Dept #2 – Rebecca Jarvis –
Art Dept #3 – Joe Gaines
Set Builder – Stef Polastri

Set P.A – Vivien Tetaz
Production Assistant/Runner – Kelsey Adelaide
Production Assistant/Runner – Ronn Kurtz
Car decal application Matt Black Graphics

Stunt Rigging – Jason Irving
Stunt Rigging assistant – Grant Fletcher

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