Father John Misty – Goodbye Mr. Blue [Official Music Video]

Father John Misty’s new single, “Goodbye Mr. Blue,” from the upcoming album, ‘Chloë and The Next 20th Century,’ out April 8th, 2022 on Sub Pop and Bella Union.

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Chepan mountain is a rocky hump 1186 metres high about 47 kilometres northwest of Sofia. Its southern face overlooks the largest wetland in Bulgaria, the Dragoman Marsh. A furlong from the edge of the marsh, a circular gully about 50 metres in diameter was gouged out of the foot of the mountain by heavy machinery at some time in September 2016, according to satellite data. No one has explained who made the excavation or why, but its sandy walls and proximity to the marsh have provided an ideal home for the region’s most colourful coraciiform, the European Bee-Eater (Merops apiaster). Contrary to local folklore, the species is typically monogamous only during a nesting season, and will often find a new mate each year after migration.

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Iva Gocheva & Nikola Dodov

Director: Noel Paul (noelpaul.com | @n0elpaul)
Production House: final_new (@final_new)
Video Producer: Nadya Tabutoba (@nadie.tab) & Georgi Abrashev (@gabrashev)
Country: Bulgaria
DP: Alexander Stanishev (@Stanishev)
Casting: Nina Boyanova
Production Designer: Tsveta Dimova
Costume Designer: Djina Sheovska
Set Stylist: Maria Sheovska
Sound Recordist: Veselin Zografov, Stefan Pashaliyski
Key Make-up & Hair: Radoslava Pasheva
1AD: Marin Zhivkov
Colorist: Belal Hibri
Wildlife Cinematography: Lukaš Pich
Set Manager: Georgi Damyanov
Gaffer: Kiril Yonchev
Electricians: Nikola Lilovski, Philip Penev
Key Grip: Georgi Petkov
Grip: Petar Stoyanov
1 AC: Radostin Lazarov, Genadi Ivanov
Camera Technician: Rumen Doychinov
Drone: Martin Kafedjiski
DIT & Video Technician: Aleksandar Georgiev
Location Scout: Lubov Cheresh
Translator: Martin Georgiev
Production driver: Deyan Angelov
Set dresser: Nikol Metchkarska
Set Dresser: Georgi Damiyanov
Set Dresser: Ivan Stanev

Also Featuring:
Anelia Todorova-Nelson
Klelia Zlatareva
Vasil Chorbanov

Special thanks to: Dimityr Rogachev & Ekaterina Rogacheva, Nicholas Rubin, Chris Rubin, The Gocheva family, Tala Safié, Rumen & Bozhkata @ final_new, Lukaš Pich, Boris Georgiev, Daniela Georgieva, Alexandra Alexandrova, and Magic Shop Camera

This may be the last time
The last time I put on my shoes
Go down to the corner and buy the damn cat the expensive food
That Turkish Angora’s ‘bout the only thing left of me and you
And early this morning he started making sounds that say
Don’t the last time come too soon

1 down, 8 to go
But it’s no less true
Don’t the last time come too soon

This may be the last time
The last time I get out of bed
Put coffee on and try in your words to show some initiative
We used to lay around just laughing at what these freaks out there
were trying to prove
Well, what’s wasting time if not throwing it away on work
When the last time comes so soon

Mr. Blue died in my arms
Nothin’ they could do
Don’t the last time come too soon

Love’s always gonna leave ya
No matter what they say
You only know what it is
Once it’s gone away

This may be the last time
The last time I lay here with you
Do you swear it’s not the cat
You don’t have to answer that
I’ll just make do
Maybe if he’d gone sooner
Could’ve brought us back together last June
When our last time was our last time
If only then I knew
That last time was our last time
Would have told you
that the last time comes too soon

When the last time was our last time should have told you that the
last time comes too soon

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