Ernest W. Baker – Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2022

Ernest W. Baker was built on the idea of family and since we started, that’s what we built around us, with the people who walk alongside us on this journey, developing our collections, producing the pieces, sharing the knowledge that was handed to them through time.

The truth is that we care about what we make, who makes it and why we make it. The output, our brand, is a complete representation of who and what we stand for.

Since we launched Ernest W. Baker, we put our creative struggles in creating an original, authentic identity. Today, we know who we are. We hope that we have shared that in such a way that you do too.

Rather than being a constraint, it feels freeing. How strong your foundation is dictates how strong your future will be.

We have the rose – it fits us. We have the strong duopole of red and black, with a timeless trio of beige, brown and camel for the season – they fit us. We have the classic cuts that we’ve been reworking time and again – they fit us.

We’re still building on those, building on ourselves. Building a wardrobe in which details of cut, materials and fit matter. In which pushing the boundaries isn’t about throwing out the past but layering the new, enmeshing the bold in the familiar.

That’s why the music of our video was inspired by Soviet electronic music composer Eduard Artemyev, who worked on many scores for Andrei Tarkovsky’s films. His albums helped us develop a clean, elegant sound that has a cosmic futuristic element to them, fitting our vision of our wardrobe as once familiar and projected into a tomorrow we are building ourselves.

It led us to the concept of the installation we are showing at the Palais de Tokyo, a multiple screen video that aims to explore and emphasize the idea of time, all the while giving each look the space to be appreciated in full.

To the point: This season has been about refining who we are, pure and simple.

Directed By: Vladimir Kaminetsky
Art Direction: Inês Amorim & Reid Baker
Cinematographer & Editor: Juri Fantigrossi
Styling: Mauricio Nardi
Music & Sound Design: Maurizio Bergmann
Image & Lighting Assistant: Tiago Amorim
Hair: Michael Delmas
Assistant Editor: Pedro Campos
Models: Ossi, Moustapha Si & Konrad Bauer
Organization: Portugal Fashion

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