MAGIC MUSHROOMS is EIRINN HAYHOW’S Autumn Winter 2021 Ready to Wear Collection, which will be showcasing as part of London Fashion Week. EIRINN HAYHOW is a slow fashion brand. She creates High-Vibe Ready – to – wear collections from salvaged and sustainable materials.

Each garment in this collection is based on a mushroom, inspired by their colours, shapes and textures as well as their wellbeing properties for humans and our ecosystem. EIRINN HAYHOW creates her own natural dyes, from foraging plants and berries, and reusing fruit and vegetable waste. Everything has been made from salvaged cotton or sustainable fibres such as pineapple leather and hemp fibres. EIRINN HAYHOW has been inspired by mycologist Paul Stamets, his knowledge of mycelium and his wonderful book ‘Fantastic Fungi’.

Mushrooms, unlike other plants and animals, are a completely unique species. A Magic Kingdom.

Their mycelium roots go deeper than over 300 miles underground, and send nutrients above ground to all of the forestation, keeping all of the surrounding Earth in balance.

Mycelium, known as the Wood Wide Web, communicate with plants and animals, much like we do through the internet.

Nature has its own language, we just have never daren’t to understand it.

With over 70,000 species of mushrooms we still have so much to discover.

Certain mushrooms can decompose oil, decompose plastic, help cure cancer, keep us youthful, give us consciousness. There is a whole natural world out there, that we are yet to unearth.

Mushrooms are the givers of life, and the decomposers in death. They have seen everything, and they are so beautiful!

All mushrooms are magic.


Videography / Graphic Design – Dream Safari

Photographer – Katy Paige Mclean

Styling – Hakan Keppler

Makeup Artist – Marta Merlo

Hair Stylist – Hannah Wallace

PR – Hundred Showroom

Sponsored – Buffalo London


Chloe Frame @chlosmoss
Sam Simmons @samsellsseashellsontheseashore
Kane Mcarther @kenwa_kenwizz
Tara Tighe @taratighe_
Yana Smith @yanaasmith

A special thanks to Jacob Calland and The Margate School and for the photographers that helped with the home shoots, Gabriel Tighe and Fiona Murphy.


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