COLD FEET (Spring Summer 2023 Film)

A collection titled “Cold Feet” was inspired by the work of Alida Rodrigues. The artists work aims to create a conversation around Identity and Perception, subjects that not only challenged the way I look at myself but the world and fashion within it. The line between life and death, light and dark, you and I, all inherent in the other. Can we transcend the way we perceive the character and life form that is fashion, can clothing be perceived in new ways.

Stereotypical silhouettes are redefined with experimental fabrications and styling, Italian linen, virgin wool, light cashmere and mohair fabrics help bring an airy spring flow to the collection while reminding us of the life these fibers represent. All things are from the earth and so shall they return and so and so…

Director: Niklas Haze
DOP: Adrien Brauge
Edit: Kashmir
Assistant: Alex Kim


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Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2023 Men's Collection