Bonnie McKee – Don’t Get Mad Get Famous (Official Music Video)

You don’t have to yearn for the spotlight to make “Don’t Get Mad Get Famous” your motto.

This 80 second “microbop” is not exclusively for those seeking fame and fortune- this song is for anyone who’s ever felt belittled or ridiculed for following their own path. It’s about being your fabulous self no matter who tries to dim your light!

If you’re brave enough to live your own way, there’s always gonna be somebody with something to say about it. They hate you, cuz they ain’t you! Pay them no mind, sashay away.

Now I typically love a long luxurious song that takes me on a journey. Most of my songs are at least 3.5 minutes. But this one is short and sweet for a reason- she was originally meant to just be an interlude for the album, but I loved her so much I decided to make her a single! Besides, it’s a simple affirmation, an incantation- a mantra, even. It felt right to keep her bite sized and to the point.

So if the haters try to get you down, just remember: Don’t Get Mad…Get Famous!

Loitering Starlet – Bonnie McKee – @BonnieMckee
Hot City Realtor – Alex Schinder – @lifebetweencakes
Potential buyer #1 – Spencer Moore – @xspencive
Potential buyer #2 – Caitlyn Krentz – @caitlinkrenzbeauty
Potential buyer #3 – Alyssa Champion – @alyssachampionhair

Director – Bonnie McKee – @BonnieMckee
Assistant Director – Kathryn Burns – @katmburns
Producer – Alex Schindler – @lifebetweencakes
Director of Photography – Taylor Kahan – @TaylorKahan
Creative Direction – Aaro Entertainment, Spencer Moore -@xspencive Taylor Kahan – @aaro.creative
Movement Coach – Kathryn Burns – @katmburns
Hair – Alyssa Champion – @alyssachampionhair
Makeup – Cailtin Krentz – @caitlinkrenzbeauty
Gaffer – Gavin Samples – @gavin_samples
Grip – Simeon Mihaylov – @cinemeon
Swing Grip – Hayden Smeltzer – @tallboy.films
Additional Video Footage – Morganne Yambro – @morganneyambro
Production Assistant/ Set Design – Vanessa De Los Santos – @dls.vanessa – Spencer Moore @aaro.creative – Alex Schindler – @lifebetweencakes
Production Assistant/ Playback/ Sound Design – John Schmidt – @schmidtthethird
Colorist – Lindsey Mazur – @lindseyamazur
Editor – Bonnie McKee – @BonnieMckee
Assistant Editor – Chris Bredesen – @chrisbredesen

Song written by:
Bonnie McKee – @Bonniemckee
John Stewart Newman – @johnstuartnewman
Sean Walsh – @seanwalshmusic

Song produced by:
David Morup – @Davethedoctorwho
Bonnie McKee – @Bonniemckee

Mixed by:
Clint Gibbs – @clinteazthood

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