bbno$ & Yung Gravy (BABY GRAVY) – Goodness Gracious (Official Music Video)

Directed by @shirazzee
Featuring Jamie O’Brien
Produced by Oz Go and Shawn
1st AC Michael Cruickshank
Underwater Cinematography Billy Martin
Extra Rad Transport and Handler man Doug Sánchez
Shot at Kualoa Ranch (thanks for everything again)
News Anchor played by Vivian Plint

Thanks also to
Kevin Sawicki & Franz Schmutzer
Sight & Sound Productions

bbno$ (Chorus)
Goodness Gracious
Titos got me beyond fucked up
It’s ostentatious
Woke up beside who I fucked up
We got good wages
Spent too much i thought I fucked up
We rockin ASICS
This shit go so hard damn its fucked up

bbno$ (V1)
Hold up
Back in the whip with my legs on up
But that shit still drive though (shit still drive though)
Sippin on a mule with a nice czech bitch but
Now I got vertigo
(im tweakin)
My moves make money, yeah me and gravy got the pack like nato
(worldwide pussy)
30 or less she can get this dick like dominos

Gravy (V1)
Domino domino domino
Line em all up, knock em down like dominos
Pull up with your bitch at 8am
Where she been?
You don’t wanna know
Got the baddest bae, Guantanamo
Backpack backpack, vamanos
Hair slicked back like Fabio
Fucked my teacher, honor roll

bbno$ (Pre-chorus)
Money where
Money there
Money everywhere
I need that cheque fair
I’m a millionaire
I got that wet hair
Dont care
Yall a bunch of squares
I got her underwear Say a prayer
Eat pray love then i hit it and i’m out


Gravy (V2)
Check the weather, make it rain
Oops! its a hurricane
Yippee yah, yippee yay
Think im sweating gatorade
Crash a plane, then get laid
Now your bitch is MIA
Paint my name upon her cake,
Make a wish, i said “okay”

bbno$ (V2)
Don’t like white too much?
But My wrist it looks like christmas
Got a track lady?
She gon go the distance
Taco bell pay me
Baja Blast my business
Jeans aint too skinny she still feel the stiffness

#bbnomula #yunggravy #babygravy

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