Ashe – Another Man’s Jeans (Official Music Video)

Ashe – Another Man’s Jeans (Official Music Video)

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Director: Jason Lester
Executive Producers: Laura Burhenn, Francisco Sánchez Solis & Eduardo Lecuona
Production Companies: Our Secret Handshake (US), Enfant & Poulet (Mexico)
Producer: Gabriel Barragán Sentíes
Line Producer: Sofía García
Production Manager: Brianna Liebling
Assistant Director: Irene Marco
Production Designer: Sayrus Black
Editor: Jason Lester
Colorist: Dante Giani
Color Producer: Sam Cesan
Film Processing & Scans: Fotokem
Artist Management: Sean Sheahan
Day-to-Day: Krista Barry
BTS Photographer: Jackie Russo
BTS Videographer: Jessica Arzate
Director’s Rep: Emily Sanders for Reveur Agency
Video Commissioner: Sydney Hard
Record Label: Mom + Pop

Shot on location at the W Punta de Mita, Mexico.
Special thanks to Joseph Folta, Soraya Castillon, Wanda Anzaldo, Valentina Seriat, and the entire hotel staff at W Punta de Mita.

Stylist: Cristina Acevedo
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Emma Croft

Choreographer & Dancer: Alex Dominguez
Additional Dancers: Scarleth Acosta, Kate Game, Sofy Polo, Annia Cabañas, Carina Luna, Jewels Blanco

Kodak 16mm Film Shoot:
Cinematographer: Jordan Sakai
1st AC: Francisco “Pancho” Ortiz
Steadicam: James Marin
G&E Rentals: Madre Matiana Films
Additional Rentals: BAR Producciones
Gaffer: Daniel Mendoza Barrera
Key Grip: Jose Etelberto Martinez
Staff: Isaac Avilés Martínez

Kodak 35mm Film Shoot:
Cinematographer: Jordan Black
Steadicam: Drew Weaver
1st AC: Sebastian Molina
Gaffer: Ignacio Peña
Grip: Jesus Flores
Staff: Agustin Baeza Rodriguez
Electric: Victor Rocha
Camera Supervisor: Hansel Castillero
Skypanel & Steadicam Assistant: Paulino Cruz

Catering: Joolok Eventos & Catering
Chef: Ricardo Santana
Sous Chef: Nayeli Sarmiento
Kitchen Assistant: Manual Rodríguez
Transportation: Transportes Fílmicos y Turísticos
Transport Coordinator: Jesús Fletes Sandoval
Driver: Ángel Cortes
Additional Drivers: Arturo Murillo, Paulo Espinoza, Estevan Gallardo

Once upon a time you were mine
And it made sense
And it don’t make sense anymore
At times I think about when it did
When it was right, it wasn’t wrong
It wasn’t right very long
But it was good while it was
And it was fun and it was sex

I don’t wanna talk about the fights in your mustang
Let’s just think about the nights drinking rose colored champagne
Is it me or is it hot?
What you want is what I got
Oh Los Angeles is fine
Let’s take a drive through the city

Oooo, ooo
C’mon make a move if you know what I mean
Oooo, ooo
Or I can be the girl in another man’s jeans

I don’t need bouquet, keep the flowers, let’s go dancing
Was a time, not so long ago
You couldn’t keep your hands off me
I know lovers like to burn
We could burn it till it turns
Right from winter into spring
Till the summer starts again (HEY!)

Oooo, ooo
C’mon make a move if you know what i mean
Or I can be the girl in another man’s jeans

Alright here’s what I’m not saying
Let’s get back together
All I’m saying is for one night and one night only
We can have ourselves a little bit of fun

Oooo, ooo
C’mon make a move if you know what i mean
Oooo, ooo
C’mon let the night pull apart the seams
Or I can be the girl in another man’s jeans

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