APUJAN Autumn Winter 2022 “The Ballad of A Story Keeper”

APUJAN Autumn Winter 2022 “The Ballad of A Story Keeper” on London Fashion Week.
APUJAN 最新時裝秀〈#故事奪還者〉於倫敦時裝周。

APUJAN is well known for using literary allusions, reinterpreted the codes of a modern fairy tale and created though the collection a storytelling about APUJAN’s fantasy imaginary: another story about dreams, about community information, and about the overhead world.

APUJAN, fantasy images and passage of time as the theme in each of his show, continues to tell stories in the form of digital images in the ear of epidemic.

This season recounts of the adventure of an agent who travels to the sealed world through a book and brings back the truth from its world.
The fashion show is a representation of this story, through the eyes of the agent who broke into the other world, where the audience is not only watching the film but becomes part of it.

Presented by APUJAN Ltd.

Executive Producer | Rachel Chen

Director | Apu Jan

Cast | Tzeng Kai Syuan
Xiang Lin
Dewi Chien
Kay Liu
Josie Lin
(By order of appearance)

Director of Photography | Shu Chou
Production Designer | Chih-Chen Wang
Gaffer | Lee, Chia-Yu
Music Director | DJ QuestionMark (Chi-Shuan Ying)
Show Director | Alan Lee

Catwalk Production House Corp.
Models | Dan
Xu Yin
Pin chiang
Vanessa Pan
Xuan Pan
Kaya Shi
Kate Tsai
Candice Li
Min hong chang
Fan Fu
Tina Huang
(By order of appearance)

Production | Touch of Light Films Ltd.

Sponsored by | Catwalk Production House Corp.
Central Motion Picture Co.
O! Balloon
CIAO! Flower Design

Copyright © 2022 APUJAN Ltd. All rights reserved


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