Angel Olsen – All The Good Times (Official Video)

“All The Good Times” by Angel Olsen from the forthcoming album ‘Big Time’, out June 3rd on Jagjaguwar.
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I can’t say that I’m sorry when I don’t feel so wrong anymore
I can’t tell you I’m tryin’ when there’s nothin’ left here to try for
I don’t know how it’s happened
That we’ve both abandoned the reason we used to believe
Was it love that we shared
When we easily cared?
Now it’s impossible to conceive
I don’t know who can see you
if you’ve ever learned how to let someone in
Well I’ve tried to come find you but I just don’t know where to begin
If you’ve ever been open, well there’s no way of knowin’
With the way that knowin’ you has been
Was it always so broken
If these thoughts were spoken
Would it bring us together again?
Well I won’t be the one to keep holding you back
if there’s somethin’ you’re missin’ then go right ahead
I’ll be long gone, thanks for the songs,
Guess It’s time to wake up from the trip we’ve been on
So long farewell, this is the end
I’ll always remember you just like a friend
And the way that you said
-as heavy as lead
-Oh you’ve always known how to get straight to my head-
“Thanks for the free ride and all of the good times!”

Starring: Angel Olsen and Beau Thibodeaux
Directed By: Kimberly Stuckwisch
Produced By: Ian Blair and Briana Goldberg
Cinematography By: Justin Hamilton
Production Design By: Abel Ryan
Edited By: Ellis Bahl
Costume Design By: Silken Weinberg and Maya Marin
Color By: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Art Direction By: Norrie Palmer
Microscopic Photography By: Andrew Droz Palermo
Drone + Underwater Photography By: Ian Blair
1st Assistant Camera: Tyler Osika
Gaffer: Remy Dixon
Hair & Makeup Artist: Leticia Liesmin
Sound Mixer: Matt Burgette
Assistant Editor: Johnny Chew
Title Design By: Miles Johnson
Production Coordinator: Evan Donoho
Production Assistants: Chad Carr and Clayton Berg
Set Doggie: Mojave “Moe”
Management: Christian Stavros
Label: Jagjaguwar
An Invisible Inc Production

Angel Olsen – All The Good Times (Official Video)
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