ANCIELA AW22 London Fashion Week “The Dance Of The Migrant ”

Anciela presents its Autumn-Winter 22 womenswear collection with a short film inspired by the famous Colombian flower festival and the history of the “Silletero” the porters who used to carry people, food and flowers since colonial times through the Andes on a chair (‘silleta’’) on their backs.
The collection will explore this tradition as an analogy for the journey of a migrant and the weight and beauty of being different and adapting to a new environment.
In a “Dogville” inspired set that decorates the dark East London Arcola theatre, the video shows the different stages and emotions of the journey, in a series of chapters that break the fourth wall in a mix of dance and performance. By adding models holding handwritten cardboard signs, in a Couture inspired quick catwalk that breaks the rising tension from the dance, the video uses humour to keep you somehow distant from what is happening. Featuring different Latin-British performers and Latin film crew the brand keeps supporting its own creative community in London.

“The Dance Of The Migrant ”
A film by Anciela

Marguerita Barbieri
Ana Alvarez
Rosa Cecilia
Nehal Aamir
Margarita Lamele
Jessica Rivera
Adriana Ramirez

Creative Direction
Jennifer Droguett Espinosa

Concept by
Daniela Benaim

Maco Diaz
Daniela Benaim

Daniela Benaim

Direction of Photography
JP Garcia

Direction Assistant
Gigi Colagrossi

Katsuya Kachi

Dan Delgado

Hair Assistant
Mayuko Nakae

Make-up Assistant
Rita Nieddu

Set design
Jennifer Droguett & Gigi Colagrossi

Daniela Benaim & Jennifer Droguett

Edited by Maco Díaz

Sound Design
Jennifer Droguett

Colour Grading
Maco Díaz

Graphic Design
Jennifer Droguett

Poem by Adriann Ramirez
Voiceover by William Slater

Studio Team
Maria Aguilar
Becky Boles
Charlotte Hogben

Arcola Theatre

Special thanks
Forta Productions
Arcola Theatre
Colombian Embassy in London


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