Re-LOVE | Global Womanhood 2022 is inspired by a collective of 25 unique women who embody the Teatum Jones spirit – Bold, confident, creative and smart – including women such as Trans model Munroe Bergdorf, Disability model and activist Kelly Knox, Editor in Chief of 10 Magazine Sophia Neophitou and Professor of Diverse Selfhood and former i-D Editor Caryn Franklin.

By asking these women from different social backgrounds, different ages and differentv ethnicities three questions about their most instinctive human emotions, Teatum Jones take us on a journey unearthing their moments of intense joy, sadness and hope. In spite of their differences, the women in our film are united, not differentiated by these moments of key human vulnerability.

By Re-DISCOVERING this footage from the archives of our past interviews, we were Re-INSPIRED to further research these moments of intense joy, sadness and hope and Re-BUILD a new collection from their human stories.

When we Re-LOVE our most vulnerable work, we Re-IMAGINE and Re-VALUE our creative journey in order to Re-PRESENT a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

When we Re-LOVE our most intense moments of joy, sadness and hope, we embrace the vulnerability that makes us real and human.

We call this Re-LOVE | Global Womanhood 2022.


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Live Q&A Designers Remix and Erin Fitzpatrick, Who What Wear



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